Today lets talk eyeshadow palettes.Now we all know that Urban decay is well known for their eyeshadow palettes specially their naked series.NAKED 3 is one of the most hyped about eyeshadow palette now a days.This palette is the third installment in the naked series followed by naked 1 and 2.Naked 1 carries warmer tones where as naked 2 has more coolers tones.So today i’ll be talking about naked 3.
photo 2 photo 1 This palette contains rose gold undertones with pinky hues.Since rose gold is all the rage now a days,everybody wants everything rose gold and i am no different,whenever i first saw this i decided to get it.It comes in a rose gold tin packing that snaps shut which kinda looks like a stationary box.It contains a huge size mirror,which is always a plus.Although i don’t use the mirror at all but it’s nice to have an option.The packing is very sturdy and does not feel like eyeshadow will crack or get destroyed.It comes with a sample of their primer portion,one of my favourite eye shadow primer and a dual eyeshadow brush which to be honest i rarely use photo 5 Now lets take about the shades. Naked 3 in fact all naked palettes contains 12 eye shadows with various finishes.Some are metallic,shimmery,frosty while some are satin or matte. All the naked palettes contain two matte shade.All these shades have beautiful rose gold hue to it which makes this palette very unique,each contains 0.05 oz of product .All 12 shades are new,no repeats from naked 1 or 2.

The shades are : photo 4 photo(2)

  • STRANGE (Very light pale off white that has neutral pink hue with satin finish,leans more towards matte.Somewhere between satin and matte)
  • DUST (Metallic light pink shade with micro shimmer.the name says it all,this particular eyeshadow is very chalky and chunky and not at all pigmented. My least favorite shade in this palette)
  • BURNOUT (Light peachy pinky satin,leaning more towards pinky side)
  • LIMIT (Matte pink tan,Beautiful blending shade)
  • BUZZ (Metallic rose gold shade with micro glitters.This one is one of my favorite shade.Looks absolutely stunning)
  • TRICK (Metallic copper shade with rose gold/pink undertones,has some micro shimmers.This would be my second favorite shade of the palette.)

photo 3

photo 3

  • NOONER ( Matte medium mauve brown shade with pink undertones)
  • LIAR ( Metallic mauve shade,super gorgeous)
  • FACTORY ( Metallic brown with some shimmer that are not very noticeable)
  • MUGSHOT (Metallic taupe shade  with slight pink shift,very pigmented)
  • DARKSIDE (Dark plumy taupe satin finish shade,absolutely stunning)
  • BLACKHEART (Black eyeshadow with rosy glitter super gorgeous)

As you can see the first half of the palette has more pinky eye shades and you can create some beautiful soft romantic eye looks with it where as the other half is more bronzy/taupy with rose gold undertones and can be used for more sultry smokey look.So you get a good variety.Most of the shadows are super pigmented and gives opaque color in one swipe. Except for the shade DUST which is super chalky with chunky glitters,has no pigmented and had major fall out too when applied,my least favorite shade.Shade BURNOUT and TRICK are also not as pigmented as i would have liked them to be,you have to build up the color,but non the less gorgeous shades.Other then that all the shades are pigmented and blends well and have no fall outs.The second half of the palette hits the home run as far as pigmentation goes where as the first half have some hits and misses.Some people might have concerns that the rose gold/pink undertones may not suit our desi skin but i feel otherwise.It looks stunning.I am nw20 but i do feel girls that are nw/nc35 and below,the rose gold/pink undertone might not show up as well so be sure to keep that in mind but you can always apply a colored primer to enhance the rose gold/pink hue.


photo(3)As far as comparing it to naked 1 and 2 is concern yes they are all neutral shade but the undertones makes all the difference.I feel if you have naked 1 you really don’t need naked 2 and vise versa. But naked 3 is an amazing palette to add  for a makeup enthusiast like myself.As you can see in the picture although both the palettes are neutral but they are very much different then each other.Obsessed with this palette

AVAILABILITY:This palette is available at URBAN DECAY website,ULTA and SEPHORA for $52 .. you can order yours from any facebook makeup page.I got mine from AMOR for Rs 6000/- the price range anywhere from Rs.6000/- to Rs.6800/- depending on which facebook store you choose.






  1. Wao this is not fair first Maryam posted lorac pro palette review n now h naked three abhi u know j m in ban n ban ban kartay Bhi Kia Hota hai lol
    The shades in naked three are gorgeous your swatches r so smooth n pigmented palette hai just like other naked palettes I am icing the first half of rose gold shades n the se one half too to create smokeiness on the outer corner awesome review n the comparison too I love my naked palette n I do t like the shades in naked two
    By 3 is a nust have now thanx for showing us this beauty Hun ❤


    • hahahhaha awww we feel you 😛 and mariyam are on a ban too right now 😛 i am glad you liked my review and swatches ..worked really hard on this post to make sure i get the right pictures 🙂 I absolutely love this palette too ❤


  2. Awesome review Maliha!!! Loveddd it!
    Hayeeee the palette itself looks so beautiful!
    Gorgeous swatches particularly loving limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar and Mugshot ❤


  3. Such a thorough review Maliha 🙂 thumbs up… So i have decided to grt lorac pro but after reading ur review i m tempted to get naked :p lol its so tempting n one should have atleast one naked in life 😉


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