Bite beauty is a fairly new brand for this part of the world.I have recently seen beauty gurus talking about it on youtube and that too with great reviews,so i thought i should give it a go.I am someone who suffers with chapped dehydrated lips to a point were they hurt,because of which i am always on a look out for a good chapstick/lip treatment.Recently there has been quit some talk about a product that bite beauty has introduced called agave lip mask,the price range on this baby is HIGH so i kept thinking if it’s worth spending on,and after all the “should i shouldn’t i”,i finally splurge.So lets cut to the chase and review this baby up


This is how they describe their product
Bite beauty agave lip mask
What it is:
A Smooth leave-on lip mask that replenishes moisture in lips
What it does:
This innovative,natural formula smooths,nourishes,and moisturize lips with a bio blend agave nectar,jojoba oil,vanilla,co2 extract

It’s a 99% organic lip mask.The first thing i noticed when i read the ingredient list is that it has no petroleum in it. Now we all think petroleum is good for chapped lips but the truth is it sucks the moisture out of our lips making them even more dry and 90% of the lip balm have petroleum as their main ingredient so when i found out it does not have petroleum in it,i was a happy camper.


This does not come in a traditional packing,like how lip balms and treatments come in.It comes in a metallic tube which,was odd to me at first.Upon opening i realize that the product is very thick and potent and you have to press a little hard to get the product out.The product itself is yellow in color and smells amazinggg.It has a very sweet vanilla smell and has a sweet taste to it as well,you’ll be tempted to lick your lips but you gotta resist.


It’s a very potent thick balm, jam packed with nourishing ingredients which is tacky in texture so it stays put on your lips for hours.I wouldn’t suggest it to be used at day time as your hair might get stuck to your lips,which is very unattractive.But it’s a great over night treatment.I apply it before i go to bed and i can literally feel all the dead skin flaking off,you just need a small dot size amount to cover your lips and you wake up with soft supple lips the next day.Now i wouldn’t say it has gotten rid of my chapped lips completely,whenever i forget to apply this balm my lips do become super dry that day but whenever i use it they remain soft and hydrated throughout the day. I use to have pale lips but ever since i have started using this product the pigmentation on my lips has gotten better too,they have become healthy rosy pink.I am so glad i invested in this product.You just need a tini tiny amount, so this tube is going to last me a lifetime,for all those girl who suffer with dry dehydrated lips like me should definitely give this product a go.Since the product is thick and tacky you do feel the product sitting on our lips so people who cannot stand this feeling might not like it but i for one have no problem with that.


  • Extremely moisturizing
  • Improves the overall appearance of your lips
  • Smells amazing
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • 99% organic
  • Does not contain petroleum


  • Tacky in texture
  • pricey
  • The tube makes it difficult to dispense the product out

AVAILABILITY : This product is not locally available.Internationally it’s available at sephora for $26 .It can be bought from any online facebook page.I bought mine from AMOR



  1. Wao maliha I don’t know about this mask when u Oates your haul pic tou I thought its lipstick in a tube lol sorry mg bad but u heard bite beauty lipstick r amazing super moisturising n long wearing do try that too there f so many race reviews in them n thanx you so much for reviewing thus gem In Sha Allah I m gonna have this soon bcz I myself have super dry n dehydrated Lips 😦
    Thanx you fit awesome detail review 🙂


  2. Wowww this sounds like something I would loveee..
    Once again great review! The picture quality is as awesomeeee as always!
    And thanks for reviewing this I had asked after the haul


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